Cuboid Driving Scenario Simulation

Test automated driving algorithms using authored cuboid-based scenarios and synthetic detections from radar and camera sensor models

Developing automated driving systems requires sensor data from realistic traffic scenarios. By generating synthetic sensor detections from simulated driving scenarios, you can quickly test your controllers or sensor fusion algorithms and adjust the scenario. To get started, use the Driving Scenario Designer app to build simple cuboid (box shaped) scenarios and statistical radar and camera sensor models. Then, you can:

  • Generate synthetic sensor detections and analyze the output.

  • Export the scenario code to MATLAB® and generate scenario variations programmatically.

  • Export the scenario and sensors to Simulink® and use them to test your driving algorithms.


Driving Scenario DesignerDesign driving scenarios, configure sensors, and generate synthetic object detections
Bird's-Eye ScopeVisualize sensor coverages, detections, and tracks


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drivingScenarioCreate driving scenario
advanceAdvance driving scenario simulation by one time step
plotCreate driving scenario plot
recordRun driving scenario and record actor states
restartRestart driving scenario simulation from beginning
updatePlotsUpdate driving scenario plots


actorAdd actor to driving scenario
actorPosesPositions, velocities, and orientations of actors in driving scenario
actorProfilesPhysical and radar characteristics of actors in driving scenario
vehicleAdd vehicle to driving scenario
chasePlotEgo-centric projective perspective plot
trajectoryCreate actor or vehicle trajectory in driving scenario
targetPosesTarget positions and orientations relative to ego vehicle
targetOutlinesOutlines of targets viewed by actor
driving.scenario.targetsToEgoConvert target poses from scenario to ego coordinates
driving.scenario.targetsToScenarioConvert target poses from ego to scenario coordinates


roadAdd road to driving scenario
roadNetworkAdd road network to driving scenario
roadBoundariesGet road boundaries
driving.scenario.roadBoundariesToEgoConvert road boundaries to ego vehicle coordinates
roadMeshMesh representation of an actor's nearest roads in driving scenario


currentLaneGet current lane of actor
lanespecCreate road lane specifications
laneTypeCreate road lane type object
laneMarkingCreate road lane marking object
laneMarkingVerticesLane marking vertices and faces in driving scenario
laneBoundariesGet lane boundaries of actor lane
clothoidLaneBoundaryClothoid-shaped lane boundary model
computeBoundaryModelCompute lane boundary points from clothoid lane boundary model
radarDetectionGeneratorGenerate radar detections for driving scenario
visionDetectionGeneratorGenerate vision detections for driving scenario
lidarPointCloudGeneratorSensor simulation object used to generate lidar point cloud

Mesh Creation

extendedObjectMeshMesh representation of an extended object
translateTranslate the mesh along the coordinate axes
rotateRotate the mesh about the coordinate axes
scaleScale the mesh in each dimension
applyTransformApply forward transformation to the mesh vertices
joinJoin two object meshes
scaleToFitAuto-scale an object mesh to match the specified dimensions of a cuboid
showDisplay the mesh as a patch on the current axes

Prebuilt Meshes

driving.scenario.bicycleMeshMesh representation of a bicycle in driving scenario
driving.scenario.carMeshMesh representation of a car in driving scenario
driving.scenario.pedestrianMeshMesh representation of a pedestrian in driving scenario
driving.scenario.truckMeshMesh representation of a truck in driving scenario


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Scenario ReaderRead driving scenario into model
Vehicle To WorldConvert actors from ego vehicle coordinates to world coordinates
World To VehicleConvert actors from world coordinates to ego vehicle coordinates
Cuboid To 3D SimulationConvert actor from cuboid coordinates to 3D simulation coordinates
Radar Detection GeneratorCreate detection objects from radar measurements
Vision Detection GeneratorDetect objects and lanes from visual measurements
Detection ConcatenationCombine detection reports from different sensors


Interactive Scenario Authoring

Build a Driving Scenario and Generate Synthetic Detections

Use the Driving Scenario Designer app to build a driving scenario and generate vision and radar sensor detections from it.

Prebuilt Driving Scenarios in Driving Scenario Designer

Test driving algorithms on prebuilt driving scenarios in the Driving Scenario Designer app. These scenarios include common intersection, turn, and U-turn traffic patterns.

Import OpenDRIVE Roads into Driving Scenario

Import roads and lanes from an OpenDRIVE® road network into the Driving Scenario Designer app or a drivingScenario object.

Import HERE HD Live Map Roads into Driving Scenario

Import roads data from the HERE HD Live Map web service into the Driving Scenario Designer app or a drivingScenario object.

Programmatic Scenario Authoring

Create Driving Scenario Variations Programmatically

Programmatically create variations of a driving scenario that was built using the Driving Scenario Designer app.

Driving Scenario Tutorial

Programmatically create ground truth driving scenarios for synthetic sensor data and tracking algorithms.

Scenarios in Simulink

Generate Sensor Detection Blocks Using Driving Scenario Designer

Generate Simulink blocks for a driving scenario and sensors that were built using the Driving Scenario Designer app.

Test Open-Loop ADAS Algorithm Using Driving Scenario

Test open-loop ADAS algorithms in Simulink by using driving scenarios saved from the Driving Scenario Designer app.

Test Closed-Loop ADAS Algorithm Using Driving Scenario

Test closed-loop ADAS algorithms in Simulink by using driving scenarios saved from the Driving Scenario Designer app.

Visualize Sensor Data and Tracks in Bird's-Eye Scope

Visualize sensor coverages, detections, and tracks in a Simulink model.

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