Data, Models and Engineers: The 3 Pillars of Pragmatic Digital Transformation

Many organisations with digital transformation initiatives are now making the shift from visionary ambitions to practical projects. They may have defined their high-level objectives and are now looking to their engineers and scientists to achieve them. To meet this challenge, technical organisations must master how to systematically use the data they have collected, and build effective models that demonstrate value across business groups throughout the lifecycle of the offering. In this seminar series, you will lean how MathWorks software enables your domain experts to leverage data and models to achieve digital transformation objectives using a pragmatic approach.

On Day 1, we will begin with a keynote on the ingredients of a successful digital transformation strategy. We will then explore best practices on how to extract insights from raw data and build data driven models.

On Day 2, we will continue the model building discussion using a physics driven approach. We will then conclude by showing how this work can be productionised to deliver business value across the organisation.

Join us for this online seminar series. Click the ‘Register’ links below to learn more about each day’s agenda and sign up.

Date Time (AEDT)  Location  Session  

20 October

1:00-3:00pm Online

Day 1: From Data Insights to Data Driven Models


21 October

1:00-2:30pm Online Day 2: From Physics Driven Models to Production Deployment Register