MATLAB and Simulink Seminars

Teaching Computation Made Easy, with MATLAB


How do you collate and visualize data from different sources?

How do you create models from this data suitable for optimization and forecasting?

These are typical data analytics challenges which require programming skills and time spent writing code to achieve. In this webinar we will explore how newcomers to programming can effectively handle these tasks without extensive coding knowledge.

We’ll look at key computational topics including importing data from multiple sources, 3D surface fitting, and optimization. Our aim is to simplify these tasks using MATLAB's low code tools such as live scripts, interactive controls, live tasks and apps. These are designed to remove programming overhead so you can focus on teaching the more important details without getting distracted by the programming. Once students are familiar, it’s easy to explore the code behind these tools and learn with an understanding of their application.

The low code tools we will explore are not limited to the topics mentioned above. There are options for a wide range of subjects including signal processing, image processing, computational biology, machine learning and control system design.


  • Introduction to live scripts and interactive controls
  • Including interactive live tasks into scripts as an alternative to writing code
  • Generating code from apps

Who Should Attend

This session is aimed at lecturers and teaching staff in the UK and Ireland that are interested in teaching computational concepts using low code workflows to students with no programming background. 

About the Presenter

Andrew Redfearn is an Academic Customer Success Engineer at MathWorks. He’s worked at MathWorks for five years, where most of this time was spent teaching commercial customers how to use MATLAB and Simulink effectively. Now part of the academic team Andrew is responsible for supporting academic customers in UK, Ireland, and the Nordics. Enabling educators who use our software to teach students new concepts and skills in engineering and science.

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