MATLAB Computational Finance Conference 2018

24 May | London, UK

Join MATLAB Computational Finance Conference 2018. Learn from MATLAB® experts, hear real-world customer use cases, and discover the latest industry trends.

The event is free, but registration is required.

MATLAB Computational Finance Conference 2018 is a one-day event that features real-world user examples from leading financial institutions and showcases the use of MATLAB for risk management, machine learning, stress testing, portfolio construction, re-insurance and time-series modelling. Industry keynote presentations and MathWorks technical experts will explore MATLAB applications in model governance, machine learning, text analytics, big data, and automated reporting.

What to Expect

Inspring Keynotes

Hear keynote presentations from The Bank of England and MathWorks on best practice model workflows and learn about trends in key industry topics, such as risk management, data science, and quantitative finance.

Industry Trends

Learn about new capabilities in MATLAB and explore trends in risk management, machine learning, regualatory compliance, stress testing education, and more.

Customer Examples

Hear from industry leaders on best practices for model workflows.


Meet MATLAB users and network with peers and partners in the exhibition area.



Etc. Venues – St.Paul’s

200 Aldersgate