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This report investigates the skills gap in the UK financial services industry: the difference between the skills required of graduates by industry and those that they actually possess. It discusses the key drivers for the skills gap, the impact on the industry, and possible solutions proposed by professionals to bridge the gap.

Key Findings from the Survey

  • Over 60% of respondents said that there is a skills gap affecting the financial sector.
  • 34% felt it has worsened over the last three years, while 53% felt it had stayed the same.
  • 44% felt that integrating real-world problems into curricula could help close the skills gap.
  • 40% felt secondary schools in the UK should provide a stronger focus on IT and maths.
  • 37% felt university students should be encouraged to combine IT and maths skills.
  • Respondents felt graduates needed improved skills in maths, statistics, and data analysis.
Is there a skills shortage within the financial services industry?

Who We Talked To

The MathWorks survey involved in-depth questioning of 43 experts from within the buy and sell sides of the financial services industry. This included senior managers, analysts, quants and researchers working for hedge funds, institutional investors, banks (including proprietary trading desks), and broker/dealers. Academics, including professors, lecturers, and tutors, also provided insight. On the sell side, four of the top 10 investment banks participated in the study.

Respondents provided insight into the skills gap experienced in their organisations and recommendations on how to close it. Their understanding of clients’ needs and how industry will have to evolve to meet potential future customer demands coloured their responses and helped ensure the survey was forward-looking in its approach.

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