Create Custom Campus-Wide License Posters with Microsoft Word templates

The poster templates are designed to help you inform the campus community about the Campus-Wide License, which products are available on it, and how to get them.

You can customize each template by adding your school logo and the details of your license in the appropriate boxes. (The background image is locked.)  When the poster is complete, you can either print directly from Word to a color printer or make a high resolution PDF from Word and send it to your print vendor.

What is available?

  • Template for long text (A3 and 11x17")
  • Template for short text (A3 and 11x17")

Which template do I use?

Choose the template that is right for the amount of information you need to include, and choose the right paper size for your local printers. Use the short text template for a short list of products and the long text template for longer lists.

Get the templates

How do I use the template?

  • Insert a high resolution EPS file of your school logo in the upper part of the white area (see example file).
  • Enter your product list and access information (see example file).
  • Save the poster file.
  • Send to print either to your own on-site color printer, or by creating a high resolution PDF (see below) to send to your print vendor.

See enlarged examples of short text poster and long text poster.

How do I create a high resolution PDF file?

  • In Word, go to Office Button > Print.
  • Select Adobe PDF as the printer. (You will have this option with either Adobe Acrobat Standard or Professional versions.)
  • Click the Properties button, and go to the Adobe PDF Settings tab.
  • In Default Settings, choose Press Quality.
  • In Adobe PDF Security, choose None.
  • In Adobe PDF Output, leave as is.
  • In Adobe PDF Page, select either 11 x 17" or A3.
  • Click OK to close the Properties dialog, and click OK again to save the file as a PDF. This may take some time.