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Installing and Configuring Parallel Computing Toolbox and MATLAB Distributed Computing Server

Select which version of MATLAB Distributed Computing Server (formerly MATLAB Distributed Computing Engine) and Parallel Computing Toolbox (formerly Distributed Computing Toolbox) you are installing:

Version 6.1 (R2012b) and later
Select your release and view MATLAB Distributed Computing Server.

Version 6.0 (R2012a)

Version 5.2 (R2011b)

Version 5.1 (R2011a)

Version 5.0 (R2010b)

Version 4.3 (R2010a)

Version 4.2 (R2009b)

Version 4.1 (R2009a)

Version 4.0 (R2008b)

Version 3.3 (R2008a)

Version 3.2 (R2007b)

Version 3.1 (R2007a)

Version 3.0 (R2006b)

Version 2.0.1 (R2006a)

Version 2.0 on top of R14SP3

Version 1.0.2 as part of R14SP3 and earlier versions
For installation instructions, call the MathWorks install support team at 1-508-647-7000, or visit the support Web site.