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Embedded Coder

Generate C and C++ code optimized for embedded systems

Embedded Coder® generates readable, compact, and fast C and C++ code for use on embedded processors, on-target rapid prototyping boards, and microprocessors used in mass production. Embedded Coder enables additional MATLAB Coder and Simulink Coder configuration options and advanced optimizations for fine-grain control of the generated code’s functions, files, and data. These optimizations improve code efficiency and facilitate integration with legacy code, data types, and calibration parameters used in production. You can incorporate a third-party development environment into the build process to produce an executable for turnkey deployment on your embedded system.

Embedded Coder offers built-in support for AUTOSAR and ASAP2 software standards. It also provides traceability reports, code interface documentation, and automated software verification to support DO-178, IEC 61508, and ISO 26262 software development.

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