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Modular vehicle modeling with ADVANCE environment and library


  • Environment that enables vehicle modeling analysis in Simulink
  • Library of fast, validated component models
  • Intuitive and open modular structure in Simulink
  • Easy integration of your own component models
  • Demonstrated button-press real-time capability (HIL/RCP)
  • Support for model development and vehicle (component) measurements


ADVANCE is an environment in MATLAB and Simulink that makes vehicle modeling and analysis easy. ADVANCE provides a library of fast and sophisticated vehicle component models, and enables structured, modular vehicle modeling and data analysis. ADVANCE combines efficient powertrain and vehicle dynamics modeling in one MATLAB/Simulink simulation environment, keeping all MATLAB/Simulink functionality available for concept studies, parameter studies, controller design, and real-time HIL/RCP work. Controllers are modelled in the same (Simulink) environment as the vehicle model. Due to its modularity and the intuitive interfaces between modules, ADVANCE promotes component model re-use and makes it easy for you to include your own component models.

ADVANCE is useful for developers and integrators in the fields of advanced (hybrid) powertrains, (semi-)active systems, by-wire systems, and intelligent vehicle systems in general. ADVANCE contains GUIs made in MATLAB, and component model library blocks modeled in Simulink. Core algorithms of the component models have been compiled as s-functions.

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