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Software for the description and dynamic simulation of wastewater systems


  • Model building and simulation of wastewater treatment processes
  • Details planning and operation of WWTPs
  • Evaluation of the plant's behavior for different scenarios
  • Holistic consideration of the entire urban wastewater system
  • Model libraries provided in an open format
  • Database import/export, calibration, sensitivity analysis


SIMBA is a versatile software package that enables model building and dynamic simulation of biological wastewater treatment processes. Hydrographs and pollutographs of the plant effluent can be calculated conveniently. Without having to interfere with the real plant, dynamic simulation allows the evaluation of the plant's behavior for different scenarios and different plant configurations. SIMBA also allows the holistic consideration of the entire urban wastewater system, including a sewer system, a wastewater treatment plant, receiving water body, as well as sludge treatment.

The software is designed to be used in the following application fields: universities, research institutes, equipment suppliers, water companies, municipalities, and engineering consulting. SIMBA is based on MATLAB and Simulink and fulfills most obvious needs in simulation of wastewater processes. The software is started in the MATLAB command window. SIMBA uses the mathematical functionality and the graphical capabilities of both tools.

SIMBA is delivered as a complete system, including all the required MathWorks products.

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  • Modeling and Simulation Tools


  • Control Systems
  • Data Analysis and Statistics
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