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Thread Subject:
How to make four nested loops more efficient?

Subject: How to make four nested loops more efficient?

From: Jeff

Date: 2 May, 2013 14:55:09

Message: 1 of 1

I have MATLAB code with four nested 'for..end' loops. It works so long as N is not too large. But it runs very slowly and I have to put my PC in my freezer to keep it from overheating. I am trying to find a way to make it more efficient.

I tried changing the inner for loop (for nn=...) to a parfor loop, but the editor said I cannot do so "due to the way variable 'V' is used" and "Valid indices for 'V' are restricted". I already know that if the inside for loop can't be parallelized, then it's not even worth the minor effort of typing 'par' in front of the outer ones.

Can the following code be made better? If so, how?

% p is a positive integer.
D=zeros(1, N^2);
for jj=1:N
  for kk=1:N
    idxVal=(jj-1)*N + kk;
    D(idxVal) = 4 - 2*cosd((jj*180)/(N+1)) - 2*cosd((kk*180)/(N+1));
    for mm=1:N
      for nn=1:N
        idxVec = (mm-1)*N+nn;
        V(idxVec,idxVal) = sind((jj*180*mm)/(N+1)) ...
          * sind((kk*180*nn)/(N+1));

I am using the student R2009a version.

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