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13 Jul 2009 (Updated )

Generate random numbers uniformally in a given range or matching a given normal distribution

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randMat: Generates a matrix of random numbers with uniform or normal distribution on a specified interval [a,b] or with a specific mean (a) and variance (b) for any number of a,b pairs. For uniform distributions,the values returned by the MATLAB function rand() are multiplied by (b-a), then added to a. For normal distributions the output of randn() is multiplied by the standard deviation (b), and then added to the desired to the mean (a).

Arguments: (input)

  a - (i x 1) row vector of values specifying the lower limit in each
      interval or mean value of the normal distribution.

  b - (i x 1) row vector of values specifying the higher limit in each
      interval or variance of the normal distribution.

  method - (i x 1) row vector of integers to indicate normal or uniform
           distribution for each corresponding a,b pair, 0 indicates a
           uniform distribution, 1 indicates a normal distribution.

  n - scalar, number of random numbers to be output for all desired

newseed - optional scalar, if 1, a new seed is generated from the
                 system clock, if 0 the existing sequence is used. If
                 omitted, the default value is zero.

Arguments: (output)
  numbers - (i x n) matrix of random numbers generated for each a,b pair
            in the input arguments. Each a,b pair's corresponding output is
            represented by a column of n random numbers.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a)
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14 Jul 2009 1.1

now initialise the state of the pseudorandom number generator on entering function to prevent multiple instances of Matlab generating the exact same stream of numbers.

06 Oct 2009 1.2

added option whether to use a new seed value or not

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