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How can I get MCR 7.16?

Asked by Ho-Seok
on 19 Jun 2013

I use MATLAB program (R2011b) with image processing toolbox, signal processing toolbox, and statistics toolbox. Someone sent me his MATLAB excutable file compiling with MCR 7.16. When I run it, I saw a error message as below. "Could not fine version 7.16 of the MCR. Attempting to load mclmcrrt7_16.dll. Please install the correct version of the MCR. Contact your vendor if you do not hace an installer for the MCR." Do I need to install MCR 7.16 for running it? Do I need to buy MCR toolbox? I can't find the download link of MCR R2011b at mathworks homepage.




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1 Answer

Answer by Friedrich
on 19 Jun 2013
 Accepted answer


you get the MCR from the person who compiled the application. You can't buy the MCR and you can't download it from the MathWorks homepage (only 12a and newer is available online).

MATLAB can act as MCR. Since you have 11b MATLAB installed and the application was compiled with 11b you dont need to intall the MCR. Make sure that the MATLABROOT\runtime\win** folder is in your environment variable PATH. (MATLABROOT is the installation folder of your MATLAB, and win** is either win32 or win64 depending on the bittedness you are using). The bittedness of MATLAB and the application must match otherwise it won't work.


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