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blur removing

Asked by javeed miyandad on 7 Apr 2011

how to reduce or remove motion blur in an image




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2 Answers

Answer by Paulo Silva
on 7 Apr 2011

In case you have the Image Processing Toolbox™ working please see the documentation, you got:

Image Deblurring

This chapter describes how to deblur an image using the toolbox deblurring functions.

    * Understanding Deblurring
    * Deblurring with the Wiener Filter
    * Deblurring with a Regularized Filter
    * Deblurring with the Lucy-Richardson Algorithm
    * Deblurring with the Blind Deconvolution Algorithm
    * Creating Your Own Deblurring Functions
    * Avoiding Ringing in Deblurred Images


Answer by Sean de Wolski
on 7 Apr 2011
docsearch blur

Is probably your best bet for starters.


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