Simulate Simulink Model at Specific Operating Point

This example shows how to initialize a model at a specific operating point for simulation.

  1. Compute a steady-state operating point, as described in Compute Operating Points at Simulation Snapshots.

  2. In the Linear Analysis Tool, double-click the operating point variable in the Linear Analysis Workspace.

    The Edit dialog box opens.

  3. Click Initialize model.

    The Initialize Model dialog box opens.

  4. Use the default Variable Name for the operating point object. Alternatively, you can edit this variable name.

    Click OK to export the operating point to the MATLAB® Workspace.

    This action also sets the operating point values in the Data Import/Export pane of the Configuration Parameters dialog box. Simulink® uses this operating point as initial conditions when simulating the model.

      Tip   If you want to store this operating point with the model, export the operating point to the Model Workspace instead.

In the Simulink Editor, select Simulation > Run to simulate the model starting at the specified operating point.

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