Model a Dynamic System

This tutorial shows how to model a dynamic system using Simulink® software. The completed model is a house heating system that includes a heater (plant), thermostat (controller), and room (environment). Open the Simulink model matlabroot\help\toolbox\simulink\examples\ex_househeat_modelingex_househeat_modeling to see the model you will build.

To model, you perform three major steps:

  • Define a House Heating System — Define requirements and mathematical equations. Collect data for model parameters and validating the simulation results.

  • Model a House Heating System — Model the top-level structure and individual components. Organize your model into a hierarchical structure that corresponds to the components of the system.

  • Integrate a House Heating Model — Connect model components, add realistic input, and simulate behavior over time to verify the expected result.

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