Entity-Based Function-Call Event Generator

Generate function call events corresponding to entities


Generators / Event Generators


This block generates a function call corresponding to each entity that arrives at the block. You can choose whether the block generates the function call before or after the departure. You can use the function call to invoke function-call subsystems, Stateflow® blocks, or other blocks that accept function-call inputs.

This block is similar to the Entity Departure Function-Call Generator block, which offers more flexibility.


Entity Input Ports

INPort for arriving entities.

Entity Output Ports

OUTPort for departing entities.

Signal Output Ports

LabelDescriptionTime of Update When Port Is PresentOrder of Update
f1Function-call signal.Before or after entity departure, depending on Generate function call parameter1
#dNumber of entities that have departed from this block since the start of the simulation.After entity departure3
#f1Number of function calls the block has generated since the start of the simulation.After entity departure2

The initial output value for the numerical signals, which is in effect from the start of the simulation until the first update by the block, is 0.

Dialog Box

Function Call Tab

Generate function call

Determines whether the function call occurs before or after the entity departs from this block.

Statistics Tab

Number of entities departed

Allows you to use the signal output port labeled #d.

Number of f1 function calls

Allows you to use the signal output port labeled #f1.

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