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Robotics System Toolbox

Design and test algorithms for robotics applications

Robotics System Toolbox™ provides algorithms and hardware connectivity for developing autonomous mobile robotics applications. Toolbox algorithms include map representation, path planning, and path following for differential drive robots. You can design and prototype motor control, computer vision, and state machine applications in MATLAB® or Simulink® and integrate them with core algorithms in Robotics System Toolbox.

The system toolbox provides an interface between MATLAB and Simulink and the Robot Operating System (ROS) that enables you to test and verify applications on ROS-enabled robots and robot simulators such as Gazebo. It supports C++ code generation, enabling you to generate a ROS node from a Simulink model and deploy it to a ROS network.

Robotics System Toolbox includes examples showing how to work with virtual robots in Gazebo and actual ROS-enabled robots.

Getting Started

Learn the basics of Robotics System Toolbox

Coordinate System Transformations

Units, coordinate conversion functions

Robot Operating System (ROS)

Access ROS networks, robots, and simulators

Sensor Data

Collect and analyze sensor data utilizing ROS messages

Ground Vehicle Algorithms

Map utilization, path planning, path following, state estimation

Manipulator Algorithms

Inverse kinematics and dynamics for rigid body tree robot representations

Code Generation

Generate C/C++ code and MEX functions for algorithm acceleration and standalone ROS nodes

Robotics System Toolbox Supported Hardware

Support for third-party hardware