Connection Port

Create Physical Modeling connector port for subsystem


Fundamental Blocks/Elements


The Connection Port block, placed inside a subsystem composed of SimPowerSystems™ blocks, creates a Physical Modeling open round connector port on the boundary of the subsystem. Once connected to a connection line, the port becomes solid . Once you begin the simulation, the solid port becomes an electrical terminal port, an open square .

You connect individual SimPowerSystems blocks and subsystems made of SimPowerSystems blocks to one another with SimPowerSystems connection lines, instead of regular Simulink® signal lines. These are anchored at the open, round connector ports . Subsystems constructed of SimPowerSystems blocks automatically have such open round connector ports. You can add additional connector ports by adding Connection Port blocks to your subsystem.

Dialog Box and Parameters

Port number

This field labels the subsystem connector port created by the block. Multiple connector ports on the boundary of a single subsystem require different numbers as labels. The default value for the first port is 1.

Port location on parent subsystem

Choose which side of the parent subsystem boundary the port is placed on. The choices are Left or Right. The default is Left.

Introduced before R2006a

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