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Entropy of grayscale image


E = entropy(I)


E = entropy(I) returns E, a scalar value representing the entropy of grayscale image I. Entropy is a statistical measure of randomness that can be used to characterize the texture of the input image. Entropy is defined as


where p contains the histogram counts returned from imhist. By default, entropy uses two bins for logical arrays and 256 bins for uint8, uint16, or double arrays.

I can be a multidimensional image. If I has more than two dimensions, the entropy function treats it as a multidimensional grayscale image and not as an RGB image.

Class Support

I can be logical, uint8, uint16, or double and must be real, nonempty, and nonsparse. E is double.


entropy converts any class other than logical to uint8 for the histogram count calculation so that the pixel values are discrete and directly correspond to a bin value.


I = imread('circuit.tif'); 
J = entropy(I)


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Introduced before R2006a

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