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Open Curve Fitting app




    Note:   sftool will be removed in a future release. Use cftool instead. See Curve Fitting.

sftool opens Curve Fitting app or brings focus to the tool if it is already open.

sftool(x,y,z) creates a fit to x and y inputs (or predictor data) and z output (or response data). sftool opens Curve Fitting app if necessary.

x, y, and z must be numeric, have two or more elements, and have compatible sizes. Sizes are compatible if either:

  • x, y, and z all have the same number of elements, or

  • x and y are vectors, z is a 2D matrix, where length(x) = n, length(y) = m, and [m,n] = size(z).

sftool(x,y,z,w) creates a fit with weights w. w must be numeric and have the same number of elements as z.

sftool(filename) loads the surface fitting session in filename into Curve Fitting app. The filename should have the extension .sfit.

Infs, NaNs, and imaginary parts of complex numbers are ignored in the data.

Curve Fitting app provides a flexible interface where you can interactively fit curves and surfaces to data and view plots. You can:

  • Create, plot, and compare multiple fits

  • Use linear or nonlinear regression, interpolation, local smoothing regression, or custom equations

  • View goodness-of-fit statistics, display confidence intervals and residuals, remove outliers and assess fits with validation data

  • Automatically generate code for fitting and plotting surfaces, or export fits to workspace for further analysis

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